What is the market that you operate in? What are the trends and challenges? Check out what else you can improve. Never give up.


How does your company appear compared to its competition? Check what your competitors’ features are. Draw conclusions in order to defeat them.


What kind of person are you compared to your co-workers, subordinates, and bosses? Improve your results in order to win.

Use Barometers to check yourself, your company and the market you operate in. Thanks to the thematic barometers you will diagnose the key issues related to career, business and economy.

The authors of Barometers are research scientists from renowned Polish universities. You will see the survey results for individual questions of Barometers in the form of charts and score points. A summary of Barometers’ results is also published on the website

All Barometers are completely anonymous and the questions used do not relate to matters covered by trade secrets.

Barometers do not collect any contact details of companies, ICT data nor personal information. Filling Barometers does not require to log in, and responses to the questions are voluntary.

Collected data will be used by the authors of Barometers for statistical purposes and scientific research only.